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Lunch break

 Applying the lunch box theory, Apple will go under the coming quarter. Skriv upp det! 
The first half of the tech talk is over, and boy has it been amazing. Som many intriguing topics and awesome presenters, really neat to see the android-like navigation and hearing the concepts live and in stereo. Time to eat!


German fashion

Speaking about focus, can’t unfocus from these collars. Shape up German developers!

First session

img_0620First session is over. Lots of stuff regarding focus. Pretty ironic considering the venue. If you look closely you can see the pillars obstructing the view, behind all the German heads. But a really interesting session. It really really feels great to be a part of the Future of TV. We were showed som nice features of TvOS, and a really bad Focus Guide example. Can’t wait for the next session, game controllers. Not the future of gaming, but pretty close.

Apple Tech Talks

Mitte. “Tysklands hjärtas hjärta” as we say in Sweden. Yours truly are live blogging from Apple Tech Talks in Berlin. Awesome topics, engineers and it’s really amazing to learn cutting edge knowledge for the Future of TV. And it’s also the Worst Venue Ever. Buckle up Apple! More to come…

Where you at 2017?

In the blink of an eye over one thousand days have passed, and where have we been? The blog has been drier than California and the once so steady beat of the war drum has echoed of to a better place. But today, we celebrate the return of the original conquistadores of the mobile platform. Time to resurface.


So what have we done during this era of non-awesomness? Spent ages just walking in circles, “just to make the point”? Becoming the new champions of open source? Doing backstrokes in the good ol’ money bin? Nobody knows, but if you look closely, some apps may have flown under the radar and made the world a slightly less pointless place.

But here we are now, so let us entertain you. In the coming days, weeks, years or maybe never, we will release something so fun, clever and awesome and so god damn innovative that it will change every social gamers life forever. We call it The Future of Gaming. Vasco da Gama. So stay tuned for more news, cuz that thing coming over the hill is a monster. A monster!
In the meantime, check out Flip! One of our kick ass developers has infiltrated a local firm and helped them make a genre defining game. It’s a touch friendly version of one of the few board games that still hasn’t been conquered by the human mind, so the AI here is truly remarkable. Yup, it’s the beloved simulation of the race war: Reversi. You owe it to yourself and your inner demon to check out this baby. It’s free as in free beer, and takes up less space than Top Gun at 4K, so hurry up before its to late! And even though the developers gives it away for free, feel free to buy me a beer next time we meet if you like it.

Open Source at ÖeG

Around 2009 when ÖeG was doing client work we had an internal library of useful stuff called “libogen” that we had intentions of open sourcing, but it never happened unfortunately. I think it may have come down to a political discussion where Gonas is part Finnish, has a good memory and is firmly against communism. I don’t even remember what code was in there but it’s probably outdated by now.

Instead I hereby present OEGParseBackedModel, a small class that we use internally together with Parse, a backend as a service provider. Make your model classes subclass OEGParseBackedModel and define properties, and they will be mapped to a PFObject and stored on the backend. Useful for when you want to add other methods, validations, etc. to your Parse models.

Maybe this will start a tradition where we will release more useful stuff on GitHub, or maybe we won’t get around to that and we’ll just have a really lame looking GitHub account with one tiny project. We don’t care.


We’ve been using Parse for prototyping a couple of apps so far. A lot of apps use Parse in production, but for us it usually becomes more work to try and frame our features within the framework than just writing our own backend after a while. They iterate at a great pace though, and it’s exciting to see what they come up with next.


Math21 screenshot

Behold our latest game! Math21 is a crazy addictive card game where you use your huge brain to combine five cards and reach 21. The game uses OpenFeint for leaderboards, and the goal is to solve a whole deck of cards (10 hands) in the shortest time possible! This is totally a game changer in the educational action card game landscape. The stunning graphics and user experience design are of course made by our genius interaction designer Mia.

Now available on the App Store for next to nothing (99 cents)!

This time we have teamed up with the amazing Phyx developers to make an Android version which is still in development.

Warcode on the App Store!

Hey everyone!

Warcode went live on the App Store yesterday as some of you may have noticed, and it’s been a huge success so far 🙂 Thanks everyone who have downloaded it and extra thanks to all who bought the full version.

The most frequent feedback we’re getting is 1) you want updated graphics and 2) there is still a bug with the game crashing after finishing a level, most likely only affecting iOS version 4.1. Also 3) you want the game to run on iPod touch, but unfortunately it doesn’t have an auto-focus camera and that makes the barcode scanning unusable :/

You’ll be happy to know we’re already planning for update 1.1 which will address both these points! Our graphical and interaction designer Mia has a bunch of ideas for refreshing the app’s interface and I have noticed a bunch of small bugs aside from the crashing that will be rectified. On the roadmap are also a greater assortment of warriors and equipment. Unfortunately I’ve caught the cold so I’m mostly lying around in bed making Fred Durst-like noises at the moment.

Our goal was to release a minimal viable product as early as possible and then iterate, and the version we have shipped works great for most people who are not still on an older version of the OS, so I’m happy about that! The feedback we have received from the launch has put us on a steady course and I really look forward to sharing the progress on the next version with you all!

I’m also stunned with the scores some people on the leaderboards are achieving, you guys are nuts.

Auf wiedersehen!

Wake Up and Smell the Space Age

Smell it man2009 is nearing its end and space is getting hot again. Its basically a cyclical phenomenon. Space, dinosaurs, skateboard, hockey, and knights. Now we’re back in the space age.

Anyway as you all know our last app release, Nattstad, was a raging success and we’re now working hard on the second coming of Jesus, a.k.a Project Mustang 2. Have you guys seen Google Goggles? The Norwegian Yellow pages? Virgin Galactic? Yep, the bar for space age apps is rising. But like Stefan Holm in “På spåret” we’re going to show these clowns how it’s done. Stay tuned space apes.

Friday madness

It’s hot in the wardrobe right now, but soon we’re gonna make it boiling! Your favorite developers are currently drinking champagne and listening to Five (Slam dunk da funk baby!), but don’t worry we are still doing awesome stuff.

Knocking Vid

Sooo, what’s this weeks hot topic? Well, i don’t know if you have heard, but apparently Steve Jobs (yep, that guy who looks like an old, bald and taller Tom Cruise) has approved  an app that was initially rejected. No, I’m not going to rant about if this is a good thing or not, instead I will spend some precious blog space on writing about the app, Knock Me Up Live.


The idea is pretty cool. With the help of this app and your iPhone, you are able to send live video to friends, family and fan boys. Sounds nice, eh? Well, it could have been, but this shit is a major fuck app. The first thing you have to do is create an account, which you can do from the app. I really like functionality like this, when you can do everything from the app.

But that’s the problem with this app, functionality. I hate it when it doesn’t work. And when you’re not notified that something went wrong I’m on the verge of going nuclear on my iPhone. How hard could it be? You could give me a damn alert saying “Houston, we have a problem” or any other lame message, just give me something.  Well, after restarting, shaking, and recharging my iPhone, computer and mind I finally had an account and was logged in.

Great! Let’s doris, let’s knock someone!


One wonderful thing about the app is its use of Push Notification. You can start a live video feed and stream it to someone whenever you want, and they will be notified and can launch the app. Functionality like this gives me a boner, and sweet memories of times listening to Aerosmith. Damn, it’s good. Or not…

The receiver’s iPhone is generating some nice knocking sounds and the app says “Connecting” or something. Only problem is that it still says “knocking” on my phone. So how the hell am I supposed to know if it works? Thank god for the Time Out, otherwise I probably still would be sitting there trying to connect.

After trying a couple of times (185, maybe?) I got it to work one time, and only for a couple of seconds. But I guess I’m just retarded and don’t know how to use it. After all, iPhone apps are supposed to be hard to get and only work if you have epic Emacs skillz.

Thanks Steve, for approving this great app. I can honestly not think of a world without it, it’s so fucking great. Maybe you can send me a video where you explain how to get it to work? But it’s not all bad. The idea is nice and it’s free..

Aah, now I see! This is yet another scheme from Apple. By accepting a lot of worthless apps that are free, maybe more people will buy apps! Fucking genius dudes, I love you.  Oh by the way, get a fucking spell checker and run it before you send an app to the App Store.

Wrap up

But I still love the idea, just imagine how fun you can have. Knocking people while you are peeing drunk, spying on them when they are surfing the web or hunting space invaders. But I wouldn’t be surprised if people will use it solely for rickrolling friends. Wake up nerds, it’s 2009, find a new hobby!