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Warcode beta

Hey party peoplez and ’90s-hits-digging Java programmers!

We have decided to try out Test Flight for the Warcode beta program and it’s the future. It feels like 2011 has already brought everything I hoped from the new year. Bring on 2012.

Anyway, to sign up as a beta tester for Warcode and upcoming Önders et Gonas apps, just head over here! We would love to have your help and your input in forming the next generation of mobile convenience and awesomeness!

If the cutting edge is not for you, this at least means that the Warcode release is drawing near! Stay tuned for the official release and keep rawking!

PS. If you or anyone you know would like to translate Warcode to Japanese in exchange for beer, contact us. They love shit like this, just check out the earlier post about Barcode Battler.


Friday Bastard

Today we finally bastardized our double bastards. Also, kebab Friday working late at the office.

Tales from the Wardrobe

Red TapeA regular Champagne Monday. We’re jumping through hoops to get our startup registered with the Swedish authorities.

FlowersThe nice tulips we got from Jopsy F. Daisy at the ÖeG Kickoff Party seem a bit tired. Perhaps Jonas gave them too much beer.

Post-iPhone Tech Talk Stockholm Roundup

Well since it was an Apple event there were only two rules of the iPhone tech talks:

  1. You do not talk about iPhone Tech Talks
  2. You do not talk about iPhone Tech Talks

So I don’t have any nice pics. I did get a tour shirt though. Developer events are the new rock shows. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post pics of it, but I’m going to go out on a limb and side with common sense on this one. Here it is:

Beer, unwashed hair and developer shirt

Beer, unwashed hair and developer shirt

Some new business opportunities for Önders et Gonas were also discussed on my trip to Stockholm, more to come as this develops.

Office Space

We are currently on the look out for some premium office space in central Gothenburg. Preferably a large residential house with room for at least four people. We need somewhere to code our apps, brew our beer, hang our whiteboard, throw our wikkid release bashes, and similar activities. And somewhere to wake up with a pounding head to the sound of your wingman’s fingers caressing the keyboard, arousing Xcode into producing beautiful pixels of perfect interface. If you’re aware of someone who is subletting a house or large apartment in Gothenburg please drop a line in the comments. Peace sisters.