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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lunch break

 Applying the lunch box theory, Apple will go under the coming quarter. Skriv upp det! 
The first half of the tech talk is over, and boy has it been amazing. Som many intriguing topics and awesome presenters, really neat to see the android-like navigation and hearing the concepts live and in stereo. Time to eat!


German fashion

Speaking about focus, can’t unfocus from these collars. Shape up German developers!

First session

img_0620First session is over. Lots of stuff regarding focus. Pretty ironic considering the venue. If you look closely you can see the pillars obstructing the view, behind all the German heads. But a really interesting session. It really really feels great to be a part of the Future of TV. We were showed som nice features of TvOS, and a really bad Focus Guide example. Can’t wait for the next session, game controllers. Not the future of gaming, but pretty close.

Apple Tech Talks

Mitte. “Tysklands hjärtas hjärta” as we say in Sweden. Yours truly are live blogging from Apple Tech Talks in Berlin. Awesome topics, engineers and it’s really amazing to learn cutting edge knowledge for the Future of TV. And it’s also the Worst Venue Ever. Buckle up Apple! More to come…