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Open Source at ÖeG

Around 2009 when ÖeG was doing client work we had an internal library of useful stuff called “libogen” that we had intentions of open sourcing, but it never happened unfortunately. I think it may have come down to a political discussion where Gonas is part Finnish, has a good memory and is firmly against communism. I don’t even remember what code was in there but it’s probably outdated by now.

Instead I hereby present OEGParseBackedModel, a small class that we use internally together with Parse, a backend as a service provider. Make your model classes subclass OEGParseBackedModel and define properties, and they will be mapped to a PFObject and stored on the backend. Useful for when you want to add other methods, validations, etc. to your Parse models.

Maybe this will start a tradition where we will release more useful stuff on GitHub, or maybe we won’t get around to that and we’ll just have a really lame looking GitHub account with one tiny project. We don’t care.


We’ve been using Parse for prototyping a couple of apps so far. A lot of apps use Parse in production, but for us it usually becomes more work to try and frame our features within the framework than just writing our own backend after a while. They iterate at a great pace though, and it’s exciting to see what they come up with next.