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What now..?

The dawn came and, as our eyes angrily got used to the bright light, we saw the future.  And it looks like we are in for a helluva ride. All over the world people are picking up the debris of yesterdays eruption, and holy god do they love it!

omiPhone.se – “Det som är lite extra häftigt är att man implementerat Push Notification till Nattstad på iPhone. Det betyder att du direkt får veta när något händer på Nattstad. Det här har faktiskt inte ens Facebook implementerat än av okänd anledning.”

gp.se – “Nu har Nattstad släppt en iPhone-app. Och den är riktigt bra, med push-notifieringar och möjlighet att lägga upp bilder inifrån programmet.”

Hoel, kille 21 år – “Helt jävla underbar app! Funkar perfekt…”

But it ain’t over yet, we are working on a new project that will blow your mind! If Goose was the Ben Hur of apps, then this is the USS Enterprise, ready to help you boldly go where…well..at least you haven’t been before. I’m sure it will cure Fred Durst’s kolpophobia, he will surely want to caress this monster full-time when it comes out. Stay tuned for more awesomness coming really soon!


What the hell is that…?

God it’s beautiful….but what could it be? A new beginning? The start of the internet phase out? A safe haven for brats and teenage mothers? Something to write home about?

Where am I?


What’s going on? Why does this look like a “blog”? Why is there no new content?

Have you guys ever even seen space?

Wait… there is something on the horizon. Something is coming now!

Some kind of huge… what is it? Where am I?

OH SHI–––––

Sweden Social Web Camp

Sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog, but the summer has been to damn awesome, so we haven’t had time to write that much. More about the awesomeness in a coming update, but for now I want to write a bit about the last weekend, when we went to Tjärö to socialize and hobnob with the social media elite in Sweden. This post is quite long, but you can skip most of it and just read the last paragraph.

One camp to rule them all…

For all y’all that missed out on what this event was all about, here is the short version: Tomas Wennström (of whatsnext.se fame) wanted to meet up with a couple of geeks and discuss social media. Preferably by a camp fire and fueled with beer. So he threw together some words about the idea on his blog and suddenly something big was brewing (btw, when will we finally be able to use whynot.ee? ).  The response was enormous, so what started with the vision of ten people meeting up at someones place ended with 280 people meeting on an island. We found out about this quite early and liked the idea, so we signed up and suddenly we where on our way.

The weekend…

We drove to island in the same tank (or maybe it was a twitterpansarvagn?) that took us to Mini Seedcamp in Helsingborg. The trip was great, lots of sing-along to Meatloaf tunes and Amy diamond. Anders drank beer , so that combined with the utter lack of a driving license issued under his name gave me the role of pilot. I went totally Schumi and shortened the estimated trip time calculated by the GPS by around 1 hour. When we arrived to the ferry that would take us to the island, it was raining quite a lot so we did like most youngsters in american high school movies do and partied a bit in the car. However, as soon as the rain stopped we went out to socialize with the people waiting for the ferry.

As soon as we arrived on the island we were greeted by some locals performing Super Mario Bros tunes. While putting up our tent we made great use of our engineering skills, since the tent was somewhat damaged since the two festivals this summer. Lots of people were already there and they guided us toward the registration area. Our name badges were missing, so we created our own with matching QR codes. It was about eight o’clock by now, so Tomas greeted everyone welcome and we were treated with a great barbecue (burgers and free beer, we like). The night continued with lots of discussion about lots of things and a couple of more beers.

The next day started with a nice breakfast and then it was time for the sessions. Anyone could set up a session, there were a lot of places and time slots to choose and the range of topics was great. The first session we attended was Joakim Jardenberg, who talked about his project to make the government agencies in sweden open up their systems and providing the data and information to us. It was a great session with an interesting discussion. When I have some time over I’ll have to read more about this project.

The next session was titled Combat Social Media, and the initiator is about to travel to Afghanistan to work for ISAF and wanted to know how he could make use of social media while being there. The previous session was more of a presentation while this was just a discussion, and everybody provided great ideas and their own views.  When the session ended it was time for lunch, but since it was just two hours since breakfast we ended up on a grass field, with a beer and discussing our own stuff.

After lunch we listened a bit to a session about PR and their place in social Media, or something. Sounded like a great session but we weren’t that interested in the subject.

Thanks to Martin from Twingly we heard about a session that was bit more technical than the others, which was something that we missed. It was called NoSql, and was about substitutes to relational databases and also the presentators own product Neo4j.

A stand-up comedian was attending the event and he decided, under the influence of mr Jack Daniels the night before,  to perform during one of the sessions. He said he was a bit unprepared but it still kicked ass. Just plain awesome.

The next session was the unyielding of a project called Shinobi. The host, Twingly, gave away free beer and some swag and their product sounded great. Can’t wait to test this baby.

The rest of the evening was spent socializing with people and eating. We met the guys from Appcorn who is in the same business, and had a great talk.

Wrap up..

We had a really awesome time on the island. The people were great to talk with and lots of interesting ideas were discussed. We hope that something similar will take place soon.  It was also nice to meet some of the people from Seedcamp in Helsingborg once again.

End of month status report

Hi there citizens of the internets!

Another month has gone and Michael Jackson is still awesome! If you know a girl or guy that is more awesome add a song or two to our playlist. Sooo, what’s going on in the wardrobe? Well…

Hultsfred 09

Oooh yeah, the beast is loose. Based on the awesome platform G.O.O.S.E (yes, THE Ben Hur of apps) it will give the festivalgoers a reason to bring their favorite fart apps to the festival, so watch out all y’all! Read more here or why not read omiphone.se:s amazing review.The response has been tremendous and comedian/gumma Karin Adelsköld named it one of favourite technologies for event organizers.


The month started out with Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg. You can read more about this in our longer blog post about the event, which is more detailed than a Carcass song, so I will just write a short bit here. It was Awesome!!!

The Rolling Narwhal

We have been looking for a car for a while and found a really nice one outside Göteborg, a VW Bus from 1971. But while we spent our time dreaming about the maiden voyage (a trip to Bangkok), someone bought it so if you know of any RV for sale, give us a meaningful collection of letters in the comments.

Weekly Pitch #1

Here at ÖeG we like to think big, really big. Some of the ideas we discuss while drinking beer and eating good food make us feel like they deserve to be pitched. That’s why we’re starting a series of “Weekly Pitches” that we’re putting up here on the blog.

If you’re an investor and are interested in a particular idea, feel free to send some millions our way. Though we’re mostly doing it to exercise our pitching skills and give you all a window into the world of ÖeG, where nothing is impossible. And of course to throw our ideas out into the world. Perhaps some will get a life of their own and change humanity’s destiny forever.

Anyway. This is our first one. More to come, perhaps on a weekly basis, perhaps not.

Also check out our brand new marketing site for GOOSE at http://thegooseapp.com!

Hultsfred 09

Hey, what the hell are you doing here? Go here instead (Only in Swedish, other people can go here)

Video demo of GOOSE

The cat is out of the bag! During last week’s Mini Seedcamp event we presented GOOSE (formerly known on this blog as Project Goose) to an audience of entrepreneurs, experienced business people and tech investors. We received loads of great feedback, we will write more about the event in a separate post. For now, check out this video demo we created a couple of weeks ago for GOOSE but has so far only been shown to potential customers.

Seedcamp, Pirate Bay and Fred Durst

I'm fine with Sweden becoming a police state, as long as it's policegirls

I'm fine with Sweden becoming a police state, as long as it's policegirls

The last couple of days have been awesome in the wardrobe. Lots of late night coding sessions, lusty eye contacts and great feedback from people. Your contributions to our playlist has provided us with enormous amounts of energy. Project Goose looks fantastic. Really really awesome. Vastly superior to similar products. Heck of an app. Greatest love of all. La coupa de vida. Yeah, it really is the Ben Hur of apps.

So what else is going on and what’s up with that picture to the left? Well, Sweden is becoming a police state and we really hope they want an app to help them supress “folket” (usually fat guys with pimples and “moppemusch”). I think we could help them, since we are awesome and girls with gasmasks are awesome. Just look at them! A comment on the Pirate Bay vs. the Big, Greedy Corporations Trial might be in order. even thought they got convicted I think they will be freed or at least get a lesser verdict as they crawl upp the juridical stairs toward the highest court ( God!!). But if they still have to do some time in jail I hope they watch out, there are a lot of seeders in male prisons and it’s a tough time for a leecher.

Oh, speaking about seeding reminded me of something. We have been chosen as one of the finalists to Mini Seedcamp in Helsingborg! Next week we’ll take the RV south to showcase Project Goose and socialize with the elite. We are super excited about this, been looking at fellow finalists products and all we can say is awesooome and WTF?!?! Looking forward to this, but suddenly we only have a week to bring out the first version of Project Goose AND make a flashy powerpoint presentation with lots of animations.

In other news we still haven’t heard from Apple regarding Project Jester, seriously what’s up with that? Fred Durst would go nuts on Twitter if it happened to him. Post lots of TwitPic-links of knights, shoes and guys looking thirty years older than they are. Hope they will respond soon, since I don’t have a revolver and I’m not that keen on getting one.


Dead or alive are currently rocking out in the wardrobe, just one of the fantastic bands that you have put on our Spotify playlist, thanks guys! Still no word from Apple regarding Jester. It’s pretty hard to make changes in order to get it approved if they won’t tell us what the “inappropriate violent content” is that is “in violation of Section 3.3.12 from the iPhone SDK Agreement”. Guess we have to wait and see. If they haven’t stated the exact contents before 2010, well I guess that’s when I reach for my revolver (awesome playlist girls).