Tap Gun

The development blawgh of Önders et Gonas

Past and Future

Oh man. With this post I’m going to kill some of the mystery. But it’s important to set the right expectations so for once I’m going to blog sober. What’s happening with Önders et Gonas?

Status Update

Jonas is stuck in southern France until mid-December, sipping rosé wine mixed with Fanta on the riviera. He’s writing a thesis, the final step on a long journey turning a boy into a man. Yes, Jonas is slowly becoming a working cog in the machinery of soulcrushing.

Anders is an independent consultant, doing some work here and there in order to pay the bills. I’ve been between projects for a few weeks but the next client project starts tomorrow. I have begun coding on the very anticipated ÖeG application codenamed Project Mustang but it’s unclear when it will be ready for release.

Teh plan

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you’d say we’re both crawling around on the two bottom levels (getting food, shelter and lots of sex). But, just like in Super Mario Bros 3, we’ve found a magic flute and are about to warp to the highest level (self-actualization). Come 2009, we’re building a wardrobe. A wardrobe with a whiteboard and beautifully designed computers where magic will happen. So our iPhone Killer App Development will not be going full-throttle until January.

Riches & Bitches

Some of you may think, what the fuck, these guys are on crack. And maybe we are? Regardless, how are we going to get stinking rich by creating useless applications selling for $0.99 on the frigging App Store? Well, we have been giving it a lot of thought. Mostly Jonas since he’s got a solid background in business. So we’ve found a lot of material around the intertubes that suggests that with some genious ideas and inspired execution, it’s possible.

Additionally, most of our planned applications are not useless. In fact, some wise man once said that the easiest way to charge people for your app is by showing them that they will save money using it. That way the puchase becomes a no-brainer. Spend X now, save X+Y later. Some of our apps are indeed designed to save money in different ways, mostly because we ourselves are cheap fucks and we know we’d use them. This in turn makes it possible to charge more than the established App Store lowest price of 99 cents (that’s 7 SEK in the Swedish App Store for our local readers).

We’ll continue to post about our big adventure but don’t expect any hot apps just yet. So keep checking the blaawgh and follow us on Twitter!


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